Action: Attend the May 4 City Council Meeting

The El Cerrito Plaza BART TOD project is on the agenda for the May 4 City Council Meeting. Included in the meeting packet are presentations by city staff, BART staff, and the developer team. This is a great opportunity to hear from the key players involved with the project. You can join the meeting via this zoom link.

Since this is a presentation item on the agenda, there will not be public comment at the time of the presentation. Any public comments for this item will need to happen at the beginning of the council meeting during “oral communications from the public”, item #3 of the agenda. You can also email with subject line “Public Comments – Agenda Item #5” before 4pm on Tuesday 5/4 and have your comments shared with the council in their supplemental materials prior to the meeting.

We encourage everyone to speak in support of our core principles. Our Plaza For The People community is advocating for the El Cerrito Plaza BART station to become a vibrant center with mixed-income housing, commerce, and public spaces that enhance the existing neighborhood and further the Plaza’s potential to serve as a community-gathering hub for all.

We believe in housing for all, market rate and affordable, units for households of all types and sizes. We believe in a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly destination where the broader community can gather and enjoy. We believe the station should be accessible to all, encouraging walking, biking, and public transportation.

This piece articulates our vision in greater detail. Please join the Council meeting and make your voice heard. Thank you!

One thought on “Action: Attend the May 4 City Council Meeting

  1. Hi Plaza for the People- You probably also saw, but in the agenda item is a flyer for a public workshop that will be led by the development team on May 25, 6-7:30pm. Cheers,Melanie  

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