Visions for the Plaza


Riding BART to El Cerrito — perhaps you’re coming home, or perhaps you’re coming to go shopping or meet friends. What do you envision?

Perhaps you exit the station and in a few steps you stop by to meet friends for a drink at an outdoor patio attached to a restaurant. Other people are also dining, kids are playing at the neighboring park, others are reading and relaxing on park benches.

Maybe you get your bike, securely parked, and ride off on protected and safe bike paths leading to neighboring streets. You quickly stop at a small shop bordering the bike path to pick something up on your way out.

Maybe you are coming to attend an event at the new library, enjoying the view as the sun sets in the distance.

Perhaps a band is playing, with people stopping to listen as others come and go from the station, residences, and surrounding shops and cafe.

Perhaps you walk a few steps to your new apartment — it is steps from the station, and you no longer need to drive long distances to get to work. In fact, you got rid of your car when you moved here!

Maybe you are getting ready to head home and are finishing your commute… thankfully the new bus connections pick you up and take you within a short walk of home.

Let’s imagine what’s possible, and help bring the heart of El Cerrito to the Plaza station!